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"Greece's “Winter War & Hidden History Guided Tour”"

A guided exploration of Greece’s ancient and modern war history

9 days/ 8 nights

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"Greece's “Winter War & Hidden History Guided Tour”"

Are you ready to walk the paths of ancient warriors, hear the whispers of bygone eras, and uncover the hidden war history of Greece? Join us on this exclusive guided tour and become a part of a journey that transcends time. My Perfect Greek Vacation promises you a guided adventure tour filled with knowledge, wonder, and the thrill of discovery. Don’t just visit Greece; experience its soul, one historic tale at a time.

We invite you to step back in time as ancient wars and recent battles come alive on this off the beaten path tour that is perfect for history lovers that are looking for an immersive experience into Greece’s hidden past.

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Day 1

Arrival in Athens 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Upon landing in Athens, you will be escorted to your chic hotel via a private transfer.

In the evening, enjoy a timeless welcome dinner in one of Greece’s most revered historical tavernas Taverna Athinaikon (est. 1932) as you “meet and greet” the rest of your small group of travelers who have also joined this historical tour.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 2

Athens 0 extra activitiesexpand image

After a delightful breakfast, we commence our journey into Greece’s hidden past with a captivating walking World War 2 history tour. Explore the war tales etched in the very stones of Athens. Our morning culminates at the War Museum, where the echoes of battles resonate through time, inviting you to connect with the bravery of warriors long gone.

Lunch in the Shadows of Heroes:
In the afternoon, venture into the labyrinthine streets of Plaka, retracing the steps of World War II resistance fighters. As you walk, let the stories of courage and resilience surround you. Pause at the venerable “Kafeneion” (established in 1865) for a well-deserved lunch, where every bite carries the essence of Athens’ enduring spirit.

Ancient Wonders Unveiled:
But the day's odyssey is far from over. Prepare to be awestruck as we delve into the heart of ancient Greece, commencing with a private tour of the Acropolis. This iconic site stands not only as a symbol of classical Greek culture but also as the cradle of democracy. As you ascend the steps, envision the Athenians’ resolute stand against the mighty Persians, led by the indomitable Themistocles in 480 BC.

Discovering Hidden Narratives:
Following the Acropolis, our journey through history takes a fascinating turn. Step into the Acropolis Museum, where lesser-known chapters of Greece’s past come to life. Delve into the concealed war massacres and events often relegated to the shadows of history books. Together, we will unravel tales that defy common discourse, gaining a profound understanding of their impact on the nation.

Evening - Dinner at Kavaritis Taverna (est. 1929)

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 3

From Athens to Nafplio 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Today we prepare to journey into the heart of ancient valor and strategic brilliance.

Following a sumptuous breakfast, our path leads northeast of Athens to Marathonas, a place where the sands of time preserve the echoes of an epic struggle. Here, on this hallowed ground in 490 BC, the Battle of Marathon unfolded—a fierce clash between the united forces of Athens and Plataea and the Persian might under King Darius.

Explore the Tumuli of Marathon, where ancient burial mounds stand sentinel, honoring the fallen heroes. Guided by the whispers of history, tread the very paths once trodden by Athenian and Persian soldiers. Feel the pulse of the battlefield beneath your feet as you visit the Soros, a sacred mound commemorating the Greek warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their stories of courage and selflessness will come alive, vividly painting the ancient conflict in your imagination.

Post lunch, our expedition takes us westward to Corinth, a city steeped in both ancient and modern history. Nestled strategically between Athens and Sparta, Corinth played a pivotal role in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), a conflict that marked a turning point in Greek history, bringing the Golden Age of Athens to a close.

But Corinth's historical tapestry doesn't end there. In the annals of more recent warfare, the German attack on the Corinth Canal during WW2, known as "Operation Hannibal," unfolds as a gripping tale of strategic acumen. The Corinth Canal Bridge stood as a crucial target, a linchpin that could alter the course of history. The German forces, driven by determination, aimed to disrupt the planned Allied evacuation routes, casting an intricate web of tactical brilliance.

Embracing Nafplio's Charm:
As the day gracefully matures, we find ourselves in the enchanting embrace of Nafplio. Here, history whispers through cobblestone streets and ancient walls, inviting you to delve deeper into the captivating tales of times gone by.

Arrival in Nafplio.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 4

From Nafplio to Kalavryta 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Nafplio, a coastal jewel adorned with history, reveals its tales of valor as we wander its picturesque lanes. Once a bustling medieval port, Nafplio stood as a coveted prize in the midst of Venetian and Ottoman conflicts. It became a bastion of hope during the Greek War of Independence (1821-1829). Our journey through this historic town leads us to the Palamidi Fortress, where the echoes of freedom resonate. Here, in the very prison where Kolokotronis was confined, the seeds of the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire were sown. As we explore, we'll be reminded of the sacrifices that paved the way for Greece's independence, a tribute we'll continue at the Nafplio War Museum.

A Culinary Interlude:
Lunch is a delightful affair at “To Kolombokaki,” a haven where local flavors dance on your palate, connecting you to the essence of the region.

Journey to Kalavryta:
Post-lunch, our expedition continues to Kalavryta, a town etched in history and tragedy. Here, the past speaks through the haunting echoes of a massacre at the hands of Nazi occupiers, a story immortalized in the award-winning film “Echoes of the Past.” In a private screening, we'll bear witness to the resilience of the people of Kalavryta, their courage echoing through time.

An Evening of Remembrance and Reverie:
As the day gently fades into evening, we dine at either "O Elatos" (est. 1946) or "Barbitsiotis" (est. 1973), where the ambiance is steeped in tradition. Amidst the whispers of ancient trees or the echoes of a bygone era, we reflect on the day's discoveries, honoring the bravery of those who came before us.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 5

From Kalavryta to Delphi 0 extra activitiesexpand image

“Unternehmen” or Operation Kalavryta, which occurred during World War II, was a brutal reprisal by German forces against the civilian population of Kalavryta, Greece, in December 1943. The operation resulted in the near-total destruction of the town and the loss of approximately 1,000 lives. It is often referred to simply as "Operation Kalavryta" or "Kalavryta Massacre."

Morning of Reflection:
Our day commences with a solemn visit to the Kalavryta Holocaust Memorial, where the echoes of "Operation Kalavryta" reverberate through time. This tragic event, a brutal reprisal by German forces during World War II, left an indelible mark on the town. Pay your respects and delve into the stories of resilience, a testament to the unyielding strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

A Culinary Interlude and Leisurely Exploration:
Following our somber morning, we retreat to one of Kalavryta's renowned taverns, either "To Spitiko" or "Barbatsiotis," for a traditional Greek lunch. Afterward, the charming town center invites you for a leisurely exploration. Engage in the delightful experience of local shops, where souvenirs tell tales of resilience, or simply unwind at a café, letting the essence of Kalavryta seep into your soul.

Aboard the Historic Kalavryta Railway:
As the afternoon sun bathes the landscape in a golden hue, we embark on a magical journey aboard the historic Kalavryta Railway. This scenic train ride is more than a mere transit; it's a voyage through history and nature. Marvel at panoramic views of the Vouraikos Gorge and the picturesque villages that dot the landscape. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, where every tree whispers tales of resilience, echoing the spirit of the Greek people.

Arrival in Delphi: A Culinary Feast for the Senses:
Our day culminates in Delphi, where history and mythology converge. Against this backdrop, savor a delectable dinner that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nourishes your soul. Delphi, a place steeped in ancient wisdom, welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to reflect on the day's experiences.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 6

From Delphi to Meteora 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Today, we step into the footsteps of ancient generals and military visionaries, seeking guidance at the revered Oracle of Delphi. As the ancients once did, we embark on a journey of wisdom, valor, and unyielding sacrifice.

The Oracle's Whispers:
Our day begins at the Oracle of Delphi, a sanctuary where the wisdom of the gods met the inquiries of mortal men. Just as generals of ancient Greece sought counsel here, we too shall listen to the echoes of prophecies that once influenced military strategies and approaches. In times of conflict, this sacred ground was more than a temple; it was a haven where even adversaries could meet without fear, a testament to the power of the oracle's words.

Arachova: A Town of Legends:
Continuing our odyssey, we arrive in Arachova, a picturesque town echoing with tales of valor and sacrifice. Here, amidst natural beauty and ancient traditions, we unveil the hidden war history. Lunch at renowned establishments like Christos Taverna, Archontiko, or Tsoukali prepares us for the adventures that lie ahead.

Hiking the Paths of Heroes:
After lunch, we embark on a guided hike to the nearby mountain strongholds, once strategic bases for resistance fighters. As we tread these paths, we immerse ourselves in the stories of guerrilla tactics employed by these valiant souls. Learn about the Battle of Arachova, fought between Ottoman forces under Mustafa Bey and Greek rebels led by the revered Georgios Karaiskakis. Karaiskakis, known for his black jacket, became a symbol of bravery and sacrifice. His legacy lives on, inspiring generations.

Honoring the Fallen:
Our journey pauses at the Distomo memorial, a solemn site where we pay homage to the fallen heroes. Their courage echoes through time, reminding us of the sacrifices made for freedom and honor.

Embracing the Majestic Meteors:
As the day draws to a close, we arrive in Meteora, a place where monasteries cling to towering cliffs, and history mingles with the divine. Amidst this breathtaking scenery, we gather for dinner, surrounded by the aura of ancient legends we pause for nourishment and reflection.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 7

Meteora 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Today, the awe-inspiring landscapes of Meteora invite us on a journey of discovery, where nature's marvels intertwine with tales of courage and sanctuary.

Traversing Hidden Paths:
Embrace the day with a scenic hike through the enchanting realm of Meteora. Explore not just the renowned monasteries that cling to the cliffs, but also the lesser-known sanctuaries that served as both hideouts and strategic points during times of conflict. Your guide, a storyteller of the land, will weave captivating narratives about the monks and locals who safeguarded priceless artifacts and provided refuge to the vulnerable amidst the chaos of war. Marvel at the breathtaking panoramas from within the monasteries, where history whispers through ancient stones, and soak in the serenity of the surrounding landscape.

Feasting on Tradition:
Following your adventure, indulge in a traditional Greek lunch at Panellinion Taverna, where the flavors of Greece dance on your taste buds, offering a culinary tribute to the region’s rich heritage.

An Evening of Tranquility:
The evening invites you to unwind at your leisure, perhaps strolling through the quaint streets, soaking in the peaceful ambiance, or reflecting on the day's adventures in the embrace of nature.

Dinner Amidst History:
As the sun sets and the stars illuminate the night sky, gather for dinner at Restaurant Meteora, an establishment steeped in history since its establishment in 1925. Here, amidst the whispers of generations, savor a meal that transcends mere sustenance—it's an experience, a communion with the past and a celebration of the present. As you dine, remember the tales of bravery and resilience that echo through these ancient rocks.

This evening is more than a meal; it's an homage to the enduring spirit of Meteora and the people who found solace amidst its grandeur. Enjoy this moment, for it encapsulates the essence of Meteora—a sanctuary where history and nature harmoniously converge.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 8

From Meteora to Trikala to Athens 0 extra activitiesexpand image

Morning Exploration at Trikala Castle:
Our adventure commences at Trikala Castle, a magnificent testament to Byzantine architecture that has weathered the ages. As you step within its formidable walls, imagine the echoes of centuries past.

The Siege of Trikala: A Tale of Valor and Determination:
During the Ottoman rule, Trikala Castle became a beacon of hope for the Greek people, a symbol of resistance against foreign dominance. The Siege of Trikala stands as a pivotal chapter in Greek history, where fierce battles were fought to reclaim independence. The castle's strategic significance was not lost on military minds; it became a stronghold where innovative tactics and strategies were devised. Hear the tales of bravery that unfolded within these ancient walls and understand how the course of history was shaped by the valor and determination of the defenders.

The 731 Hill Monument - A Symbol of Sacrifice
Our journey continues to the 731 Hill Monument, a site of profound significance. Set against a backdrop of rolling hills and endless skies, this monument stands as a testament to the bravery of the Greek resistance fighters during World War II.

The Heroic Resistance:
Discover the gripping stories of the men and women who bravely resisted the Axis forces on this very hill. Learn about their guerilla tactics, their acts of sabotage, and the sacrifices they made to protect their homeland. Understand the challenges they faced and the indomitable spirit that drove them to fight against overwhelming odds.

Homage at the Monument:
At the 731 Hill Monument, take a moment to pay homage to the fallen heroes. The serene atmosphere here invites contemplation and reverence. The monument, adorned with names and stories of the brave souls, serves as a reminder of the price of freedom.

For lunch we invite you to indulge in a culinary adventure at the esteemed To Xani, a delightful haven for food enthusiasts before setting out for Therm


Nestled amidst the rugged terrain of central Greece, Thermopylae is a place that echoes with the whispers of ancient battles and heroism. It is here that 300 Spartans, along with other Greek allies, stood valiantly against the Persians. We will learn about the clever use of topography and Greek phalanx formation, tactics that turned the narrow pass into an advantage for the outnumbered Greeks.

We will delve into the hidden significance of this battle, beyond its sheer military tactics. Thermopylae became a symbol of resistance against tyranny and the spirit of democracy. The sacrifice of the Spartans inspired future generations, making it a cornerstone in the fight for freedom and the development of Western political thought.

Arrive Athens

Farewell Dinner - As our captivating journey through the hidden war history of Greece comes to a close, we gather one last time for a farewell dinner, a moment of reflection, gratitude, and heartfelt goodbyes.

During this special evening, we encourage everyone to share their thoughts and reflections on the discoveries made, the hidden stories uncovered, and the emotions stirred by our encounters with history. Each tale, each perspective adds depth to our collective understanding, enriching our shared experience.

This is a fixed itinerary.
day image

Day 9

Depart Athens 0 extra activitiesexpand image

After a delicious breakfast you will be Transferred to the Airport for your flight home.

This is a fixed itinerary.

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